The rum route: discover the island's distilleries

Rum is the flagship drink of Martinique, and for good reason! It is one of the best agricultural rums in the world and has an international reputation. It is also one of the few to have obtained an AOC.

Great national pride, let yourself be carried away to the heart of the renowned distilleries!


During your vacation, discover the origins and production secrets of this national drink through the dozen distilleries still in operation in Martinique.

Tips: the best time to visit them is from February to June, during the harvest period.

Below is a list of distilleries that we have tested for you and where you will have the opportunity to taste this local product. Between white, amber, old or straw rum, there is something for everyone!

Rums ranges

Rum is divided into two main families: AGRICULTURAL RUM, obtained from the juice of the cane and TRADITIONAL RUM, distilled from molasses (or visou). Both are available in a wide range of flavors and offer an almost infinite palette of tastes. Many parameters come into play, such as its ageing, the type of barrel used, the climate in which it ages... The resulting aromas are woody, fruity, spicy, for sweet or powerful, vanilla or floral rums.


White rum is the key ingredient for successful cocktails (Mojito, Ti punch, Planteur, or Daiquiri), it is traditional or agricultural and generally has an alcohol content of more than 40%. It is bottled as soon as the distillation process is completed. Its roundness in mouth and its fruity aromas are obtained thanks to a stay of several weeks in stainless steel tanks, or in wooden tuns. The traditional white rum has the virtue of being lighter than the agricultural rum.


The amber rum is more suitable for tasting and conservation because it is aged for at least 3 years in oak barrels, flavors can be used during aging (vanilla, caramel, almond ..). It is situated between white rum and aged rum with all the freshness of the cane and a slightly amber color. With time, the rum softens in alcohol and becomes quite sweet, more tasty than white rums. Amber rum is often used to prepare cocktails.


Old or dark rum, depending on the number of years spent in the barrels, is more mature. Aged for long periods of at least 3 years, it takes on a lot of color and is called "old". The method of storage, temperature and of course the number of years spent in a barrel contribute to the finesse of this drink. Very good for the digestion, the old rum is dry and mellow at the same time.



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