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Sports and leisure in Martinique

Looking for activities to do in Martinique? Whatever your level of experience, you will be able to enjoy Martinique at your own pace and in the open air because of the varied terrain and the ideal climate throughout the year. 
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Hiking in Martinique

Montagne Pelée

The unmissable Mont Pelée, from the top of its 1,398 metres on the Caribbean Sea.
Its most popular departure point is from the Aileron refuge in the commune of Morne-Rouge. You can leave your car on the side of the road.
Your objective is the “chinois”, the highest point of Martinique: without clouds, the panoramas on Martinique will be incredible! It takes about 2 hours to reach the summit so don’t leave too late: ideal between 5 and 6 am to see the sunrise and you don’t need to be a top sportsman.
With young children, the North allows for more tranquil walks. 

Savane des Pétrifications

The Savane des Pétrifications, an easy 2-hour walk at the end of the Sainte-Anne peninsula, with its astonishingly diverse landscape: the Savane, the sea, a large expanse of red earth and cacti worthy of the great westerns. The contrast of colours is striking.


Didier's waterfalls

The Didier waterfalls are the most famous and certainly the most beautiful waterfalls in Martinique. Even if the hike is short and not very difficult, there are a few stressful steps to take before reaching them.

The small one:
To get there, you will have to park near the water treatment plant, on the road to Didier. On the way, take the wrong way or you will miss the waterfall! It can be reached in half an hour and you will be rewarded by the beautiful view. 
The big one:
It takes another hour with an obligatory passage in the water: take a narrow and rather dangerous path where you have to climb using a rope. This second part of the hike is therefore more suitable for seasoned hikers.

Le Morne l'Archer

Average hike of 3 hours and 3 km with a difference in altitude of 450 m! It is an ancient volcano at 478m. Its shape and relief have earned it the nickname of the “reclining woman”. If its summit remains inaccessible, it is possible to climb up to 400m for a spectacular view of the bay of Diamant and its rock as well as the south coast of Martinique up to Sainte Anne. The starting point is located on the heights of the village of Petite Anse. The path starts by crossing green pastures, then you enter the forest and the slope rises sharply. The path becomes very steep and large volcanic rocks make progress difficult. After 650m of climbing, the panorama is magnificent. The descent to Anse Caffard is steep and chaotic. This hike can be done in both directions.

Presqu'Ile de la Caravelle

La Presqu’île de la Caravelle on the Atlantic coast: a superb 9 km walk of medium difficulty and 4 hours’ duration which takes you all the way around the nature reserve. You will find the Caravelle lighthouse with its magnificent 360° panorama.
We join the coastal path where we discover a tormented coast.
The Anses Chandelier and Bois Vert allow you to admire the sea birds. Then the trail passes through the Bois Couchés, to arrive at Pointe Caracoli (90m) with a wild view. A quick descent to the Baie du Trésor, then the seaside while remaining in the undergrowth and skirting the mangrove. Arrival on a small wild beach: a very pleasant stop after a 2-hour walk. The itinerary continues at the edge between the dry forest and the mangrove and allows the observation of numerous crabs as well as land hermit crabs. The last segment of the hike climbs through the forest before reaching the road at the entrance to Chateau Dubuc.

Diving or Snorkeling, our passion in Martinique

The waters of Martinique are perfect whether you are scuba diving or simply snorkeling.

You’ll easily see tropical fish of all kinds, including my favourite: the box fish.

Tortue_imbriquee Martinique
Poisson Coffre, Martinique, Caraibes

On the rock of the beach of the village of Anses d’Arlet bourg, an impressive diversity of all its tropical fish will await you with a simple mask and tuba

In St Pierre, visit the town then go to the beach (direction Fort de France), at the place of a big yellow buoy: take your mask, snorkel and go on the mermaid statues.

Anse Turin, snorkeling on the wreck of a boat inhabited by fish (3 buoys surround the area).

You can easily swim with turtles such as green and hawksbill turtles, which are very common in the southern Caribbean.

  • At sunrise, on the beach of Anse Dufour or Anse Noire, you can participate in the turtles’ breakfast or in the evening at sunset during their dinner.

In addition, Martinique has more than 20 different species of cetaceans in its waters. You will certainly come across dolphins and perhaps whales, sperm whales, orcas…

Diving club : Mada plongée aux Anses d’Arlet bourg

Our favourite spots for diving:

  • Wrecks: Nahoon at 36 m (day or night depending on your level)
  • Au Diamant : one of the 10 most beautiful spots in the world
  • Night dives: without noise and with phosphorescent plankton!
  • Dolphin spot: the bay of Fort de France by boat and the South Caribbean from 3 Ilets
  • Turtle spot: the different coves near the 3 Ilets, Anse Noire, Anse Dufour and Anse d’Arlet Bourg

More things to do in Martinique

Parapente and Microlights

Paragliding: Paragliding accessible to beginners with incredible sensations: flying over the diamond, the cap chevalier (meeting point variable according to the weather). Do not go in flip-flops, bring good shoes.

Microlight : Microlight from Fort de France airport which will leave you with unforgettable memories from above.

Golf and TENNNIS

Finally, by staying at Villa Ti’ Paradise, you will be only a few minutes away by foot:

Magnificent 18-hole golf course of international renown at Les Trois Ilets (PAR 71) designed by the architect Trent-Jones and extending over 60 hectares. It offers a wide range of difficulties: bunkers, water, hills, sea and numerous obstacles.

Tennis: There are also tennis courts with instructors.

Surf and KITE SURF

Surfing: Surfing at some of the most beautiful spots in Martinique:

  • Tartane (Anse Bonneville, the surfers’ beach, or Anse Etang), a Protour stage hosting world professionals.
  • Lessons and board rentals are available.

Kite surfing : It is also an ideal island for kite surfers thanks to the lagoons and the trade winds offering a steady on-shore wind all year round.


Kayak – Course Le Vauclin ( with a guided tour based on his passion for the marine environment, so well told through an edutainment animation in transparent pirogues, along a course chosen for its beauty, on the Atlantic coast, bringing together the coral reef, sandbar, mangrove lagoon and sea grass. NB: includes aperitif with punch and tapas! Tips: book the late afternoon session to enjoy the last rays of the sun.

Kayak – Ilet chancel (rent your kayaks at Madinina): you leave alone with an explanation of your journey (+ plastic map) and a stop on the islet: kingdom of the iguanas. This is a sporty trip, but you should bring your own picnic to take the time to enjoy it.

Paddle : From Petite Anse, discover the island on its warm and calm waters.

Canyoning : Not far from Josephine’s bathtub with passionate guides. Or in the waterfalls jumping from the side of the mornes (mountains).

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